Hear Three Rebels Just Before Pickett's Charge

Hugh Quin Bridges

Joseph Johnson Holt

Jeremiah Gage

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Wild River Press was founded in 2004 in Mill Creek, Washington, with a mission of creating the finest fishing and hunting books in print. Among its signature titles are the landmark Fly Fishing for Striped Bass, Atlantic Salmon Magic, A Passion for Steelhead, and A Passion for Tarpon, written by former Olympic downhill skier Andy Mill and for which President George H. W. Bush wrote the special foreword. These and other Wild River Press books have won a string of multiple gold, silver and bronze medals for editorial and graphic excellence from the Independent Book Publishers Association, Independent Book Publisher, and New Generation Indie Book Awards. Its latest books, Wild Steelhead and A Passion for Grouse, have been nominated for more international awards this year, to be announced at BookExpo America in New York. To see these books, go to www.wildriverpress.com
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